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Brubeck Brothers Orchestral Program

General Description:  When the Brubeck Brothers Quartet collaborates with an Orchestra, they tend to play many compositions made famous by the Dave Brubeck Quartet.  This can be a good hook for an audience and it is a natural outgrowth of the many orchestral arrangements Chris Brubeck has done for Dave over the years.  If the Orchestra marketing department feels it is helpful, they are comfortable with calling this program "The Brubeck Brothers Quartet Salutes the Music of Dave Brubeck".  Dan and Chris Brubeck have played these compositions most of their lives and performed and/or recorded them with the likes of the London Symphony Orchestra, the Utah Symphony Orchestra (with Keith Lockhart), Spokane Symphony (with Eckhart Preu), the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra and the Russian National Symphony Orchestra.   
The Boston Globe wrote "The Brubeck Brothers Quartet brings a new spirit to straight-ahead jazz."  Dan Brubeck's jaw-dropping solos on Take Five have brought audiences all over the world to their feet.  Chris Brubeck is an affable frontman and his versatility as a much-in-demand composer, arranger, and performer on bass and trombone makes him a unique talent in the music world.  Mike DeMicco's technical prowess on the guitar always impresses, and Chuck Lamb is a superb and soulful pianist with an endlessly creative musical imagination.
For Orchestras with time for only one rehearsal, we recommend this program:
"The Basie Band is Back in Town"        by Dave Brubeck, arr. Chris Brubeck        (about 7 mins)
"In Your Own Sweet Way"                   by Dave Brubeck, arr. Chris Brubeck        (about 6 mins)
  (strings only with Quartet)
"Black & Blue"                                   by Fats Waller, arr. Chris Brubeck            (about 5 mins)
(features Chris on Trombone)
"Unsquare Dance"                              by Dave Brubeck,             (about 5 mins)
(sung by Chris)                                    lyrics by ChrisBrubeck
"Paradise Utopia"                         by Chris Brubeck                (4 mins) 
(Mvt 1 of Chris's  "Concerto for Bass Trombone & Orchestra") 
"We're Still in Love After All These Years"  by Chris Brubeck                  (6 mins)                                 
"Take Five"                                         by Paul Desmond,
                                                         arr. Russell Gloyd                    (10 mins)
"Blue Rondo a la Turk"                        by Dave Brubeck, 
                                                        arr. Darius Brubeck                (about  8 mins)
This kind of program has worked in the past, when we've worked with a professional orchestra which has time for only one rehearsal.  We intersperse the program with Quartet-only selections.  This is the program we performed in April, 2011 to a full house with the Spokane Symphony, Eckart Preu conducting.  When we played with the Calgary Symphony last year, and had more rehearsal time, we included these additional numbers in the program.
For Orchestras with the time for Two  Rehearsals:
In addition to the above charts, we could include:
"Cassandra"                     Dave Brubeck, arr. by Chris Brubeck               (5 mins)
"Jazzanians"                    Dave Brubeck, arr. by Russell Gloyd                 (7 mins)
"Koto Song"                    Dave Brubeck, arr. by Russell Gloyd                 (6 mins)
 Chris can also play either one of his two acclaimed trombone concertos.  They have been performed by trombonists all over the world, televised on PBS and prompted Chicago Tribune critic, John von Rhein to write:  "Chris Brubeck is a composer with a real flair for lyrical melody--a 21st Century Lenny Bernstein.”     
 1.         "Concerto for Bass Trombone and Orchestra", 3 movements, a total of 15 minutes, recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra;  or
 2.         "The Prague Concerto for Bass Trombone & Orchestra", 3 movements, a total of 19 minutes, recorded with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra
 Often an orchestra will decide to play its own selections on the first half of a concert, bringing the Brubeck Brothers Quartet out for the second half of the evening.
NOTE:   The orchestral arrangements for the above compositions played by the Brubeck Brothers Quartet are supplied by Chris Brubeck and there is no additional charge beyond shipping costs.
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